Thursday, January 19, 2017

How I Deploy - a story about Azure Websites that can apply to any ftp website

In this article at LinkedIn, I am going to show you how you can publish your website into the cloud using Azure and Dropbox. This is a way that you can move on from a old style FTP host into a Microsoft Azure. To see my website that runs this way, go to

As you can see the site it is very big and it runs fast. Before I moved it to Azure, that was not the case.  Even the site search engine is slick and that has a lot of work to do. So first of all a bit of background as to how I make the website. I use a Help Authoring tool called Help and Manual.  It can create Visual Studio help files, pdf books, kindle books, word books and chm files. But for me, it creates my website on my local computer. The second tool that I use is a combination of Dropbox and Azure.  Here are the steps that I follow to update the site.  If you are still reading at the end of this article, I guide you how to make the site in Azure.

Note: If you are running an FTP authoring program, ignore the help and manual section and continue reading because anything that can be posted into a local folder can be adapted into a Dropbox folder and this article will become very relevant.

So here is the link to the article once again.  I hope you Like it    Garry

Late Update:  Help and Manual loved the article. They posted a note into their website here

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