Friday, March 31, 2017

Mopping Up March

Given the recent announcement on the phase out of Access Web Apps, I thought I would revisit the pertinent articles that I wrote at linkedIn.

Excel Data Online - Look at the File Types and other basics

Create a Smart Online Data Spreadsheet

Excel Sub Totals in the Cloud

Power Apps - its time to explore

and even though I didn't guess there would be much work in Access Web App conversions, we are already upgrading desktop apps to Access 2016 as per this article on Garrys 2017 predictions.

Finally, if you would like the see my best photos from my recent bike rides, have a look at or join me on Instagram @garryphotoman

and if you like those pics, click here for @sstano, his desert bike shots are fantastic

BTW: After a few months of writing articles and posting them in LinkedIn, do I find LinkedIn worthwhile ? The answer is I enjoy the writing environment, its easy to create an article and that's the important thing.

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