Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Online Web Content - Should You Organise or Engage ?

This article provides a back to basics comparison between FaceBook and a website.

I have a new hobby, I love to ride easy trails on my bike. So as I rode, I started to document where I went in Facebook. This was good but I didn't want post too often in case I annoyed my small fan base.  I then moved to a Facebook Page to hold my posts. After a while the content became unstructured because FaceBook really loves to show newest posts or notes at the top and the original content trickles out of view. That's not the only problem with the Facebook medium....

Read more in the LinkedIn article I wrote called
Online Web Content - Should You Organise or Engage ?

If you haven't time to read that post, have a look at the site I have put together in Wix.  Especially look at how it runs on a phone.  I structured the site to work using pictures on a phone. 

My new site is called

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