Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Big Font Rethink - My website had to get better for phones or Google would ignore it

I have been working on a project to build a website to document the bicycle trails that I have researched and ridden.  This has expanded from a project where I would just use Facebook pages to store a few trails to hunting through online web builders till I selected Wix. So I built and then I started going crazy riding all over the place. After I while I realised that the menus would not cope with 30+ trails.  So I decided to have a go at building a home grown website that would handle large numbers of pages. After all haven't I been doing this for 12 years with 500 articles in

To get this site going, I wanted to recreate some of the look of Wix site I created  and I also wanted to make the site go faster.

After hunting for a while, my son and I realised the site was being driven by Google Open Sans  This turns out to be more than a just a font you download but a Google rethink of the way fonts work. I guess that is what had to happen with phones and various browsers all using their own fonts. It never bothered me till now because I am a Microsoft desktop man and fonts are always on my computer.

Onward and now I have almost completed my rewrite of biketrail and I now I have taken a couple of days to rework all the fonts/styles at so that you can happily browse my site with your phone.

To prove to you that I did ok, try running in a iPhone simulator.  Its really cool.  With the simulator you can even review your own favourite websites as well.

This was the project I never planned to do but I really loved it. Research is fun, it always seems painful and unprofitable as you do it and then you win. :)


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